Little Market School Club Activities

What Your Child Will Be Doing At Our Romford After School Club

Children’s after school clubs provide a safe and warm environment where children are free to relax, play and socialise.

Children will have the opportunity to try new experiences through which they will be developed emotionally, socially and physically.

Staff hold the appropriate qualifications and are be trained to lead activities that are age appropriate and stimulating.

Through observation, staff are able to adapt scenarios to suit each child’s development, which in turn will enable each child to grow in confidence and thrive.

Below are the activities offered at Little Market After School Club - to view the activity image gallery click here.

Homework SupportSportsCookeryOutdoor FunArts & Crafts

Mondays 11+ & Entrance Exams

Little market in partnership with Career Decisions and Eden Tuition are able to prepare your child or children for the 11+ and Common Entrance Exams.

We continually work with excellent tutors who have been successful in supporting children gain excellent results in their 11+ and common entrance exams.

These exams are complex as is the maze of applications related to secondary school places in the following;

• Mainstream, comprehensive
• Academies
• Grammar
• Independent both day and boarding schools

Our tutors can PREPARE YOUR CHILD through support with the following;

• Advice and Guidance in preparing and applying for a secondary school place;
• Tuition towards the exams
• Maths
• English
• Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
• Support with scholarship and bursary applications to the top independent schools in the country.

Tuesdays: Maths Tutoring

Little Market provide maths tutoring through the services of a professional tutor with 22 years of experience to help students overcome Maths and Chemistry challenges.

At Little Market we are able to offer an onsite service of a private qualified educator to instil confidence in Primary, Secondary and A-Level Students in all topics of Maths and Chemistry.

Our tutor holds a PHD and is qualified to mentor students on education in mathematical concepts such as algebra and statistics and all topics in science.

We offer this because there are a number of parents who do not wish their child to undertake the 11+ and feel that their child needs help solely within the areas of Maths and Science.

Parents can sign up for 1-hour tutoring.

Parents can enrol their child who attends Little Market and any siblings who are not affiliated with the school club

Most after school clubs will offer the opportunity for children to engage in some form of physical activity and outdoor play.

The activities can vary and may sometimes be supported by sports professionals.

Every Wednesday at Wykeham Hall, during school term, Little Market has engaged the service of Sensei Janice Francis-Irwin who has won a bronze medal in Britain’s National Championship during 1987.

In 1997 Janice retired from competitive sport and has now turned her hand to teaching young children to help instil the technique and confidence as they develop.

She currently teaches Karate at Fitness First Ilford, Ilford Sport Club and East Ham Leisure Centre.

She caters for children aged 5-11years and we have acquired her service on Wednesdays at Wykeham Hall at a discounted rate.

This takes place every Wednesday from 4.30pm for 45 mins.

For those children not undertaking karate we also offer rounders, football, athletics, scooters, hola hoops, cricket, water games such as water fights or paddling pool fun, indoor sports and much more.

Cookery is a great way to engage and educate children, and the icing on the cake is that there is a tangible reward at the end of the process!

Children may be broken up to small groups with a member of staff and may cook foods like pizza, pasta, cakes, gingerbread men, pancakes, chicken wraps and much more.

Cooking provides a great opportunity for children to understand where food comes from such as sausages and bacon, or cheese and butter.

Most children’s after school clubs should provide an outdoor space for children to play in whether on site or somewhere nearby.

In addition the club will arrange for children to go on short educational trips such as the nearby farm or woodlands, which gives children a deeper understanding of nature and the animal life around them.

They may get to plant their own produce and flowers, make a bird feeder, build insect homes, and create rain collectors.

Trips could also include visiting a recycling site to help children understand the process and give them a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Most children love to create things and enjoy getting messy in the process.

Arts and crafts will always feature in after school club activities as it is a great way for children to explore their own creativity.

It’s always satisfying when they get to use or wear their creations, which is often why these activities are themed around events like Easter, Christmas, the summer, Mother’s Day or a popular film or contemporary song.

Craft sessions could include: face painting, nail art, lanterns, christmas decorations, easter eggs, Chinese New Year dragons, sewing, puppets and card making.

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